5 Ways to Add a Digital Touch to the Memorial Urns of a Loved One

Posted on: 4 August 2015

When a loved one choses cremation services after they passed, you typically receive the ashes in some type of memorial like an urn. For modern families, there are ways to upgrade these urns and memorial keepsakes to feature a modern digital touch. By adding the upgrades, you can honor your loved one with a nice memorial that allows you to reflect and look back. The follow five types of memorials are easy to implement and can fit all types of lifestyles.
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A Look At Adoption: Adopting As A Cohabiting Couple Vs. As A Married Couple

Posted on: 5 May 2015

Fewer Americans are getting married; in fact, nearly 48% of women choose cohabitation for their first union rather than marriage. Many couples that are cohabiting together may still want to start a family, and adoption may be one of the options that they are considering. If you are interested in adopting a child with your partner, consider the legal differences that are involved when you are adopting as a cohabiting couple, or as a non-married couple, versus as a married couple.
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3 Types Of Adoptions You Can Choose From

Posted on: 29 January 2015

If you and your spouse have decided to adopt a child, you may want to begin the adoption process right away because it takes approximately one to two years from start to finish. One of your first decisions may be to choose an adoption agency to use, but after that you will have a lot of steps to complete, decisions to make, and paperwork to fill out. As you are working on these things, the question will come up regarding the type of adoption you prefer.
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What To Do If Your Future Mother-In-Law Is Acting Like A Monster-In-Law

Posted on: 22 December 2014

You've heard the stereotypes: Mothers-in-law are awful to deal with, think no one is good enough for their baby boys, and are about to make you wish you'd never gotten married. At least, that's what Hollywood wants you to believe! To be fair, some moms do have trouble when it's time to see their sons get married. Most of the time, however, the two most important women in your fiance's life should be able to work things out.
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